A custom fitted night guard, or “splint”, can alleviate pain and protect you against damage and wear of your teeth caused by grinding and clenching (“bruxism”) that most patients don’t realise they do during sleep.

Your dentist can expertly identify signs of bruxism, which is the common known cause of muscular problems of the jaw, extensive wear and breakdown of teeth and in some severe cases, headaches and migraines. A specially fitted night guard, normally made from hard acrylic and worn during sleep, will protect you from further damage.

Custom fitting and care for your night guard

Night guards are made and fitted using the same technique as mouthguards, normally over two short appointments. During your first appointment, you dentist will take an impression or mould of your teeth, from which your night guard will be made. In your second appointment, you will try the night guard in and your dentist will check to see if that fits properly and comfortably to your bite (occlusion), and that there are no sore spots.

Your night guard should be rinsed in cold water after every use, and occasionally with mouthwash, and be stored in its rigid container away from heat.

We suggest bringing your night guard in with you for your regular 6-month check-ups, as well as when any new teeth come through or you feel an adjustment is needed.


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