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Dr Maria Araque

Dent. 2008 (VZLA) (ADC Cert (Aust)) (Dental Surgeon)

Dr Maria Araque works at Brunswick Family Dental Surgery as a dentist providing general treatment and working individually with each patient, she strives on creating long term relationships with her patients providing the most gentle dental care possible.

She pays special attention to effective communication and keeping her patients fully informed and she is continuously attending courses to provide the best possible care for her patients.
Maria has had the opportunity to gain experience in both, public and private practices and she spent some time working the Amazon Forest (Venezuela) treating indigenous communities and assisting them with their dental and oral health.

Maria enjoys horseback riding and scuba diving as well as spending time with her husband and her dog Kira. She is fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Dr Maria Araque

Dr Maria Araque


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