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Dr. Camellia Yap

B.D. Sc.(Melb.)(Hons.)

Dr Camellia Yap followed her father’s footsteps studying dentistry and graduated with honours from The University of Melbourne 2002. After working in Albury and Geelong for the first 3 years, Camellia decided to move back to Melbourne and has since been working at Brunswick Family Dental Surgery for 8 years. After 4 years of part time clinical demonstration at The University of Melbourne, Camellia has decided to concentrate on private practice, while bringing up a toddler. Camellia’s interests in dentistry include; endodontics, implant prosthodontics, adult orthodontics and paediatric dentistry. Camellia’s treatment philosophy emphasizes education and prevention and caters for the individuals special needs.

Camellia’s weekends include quality time with the family and their beloved dog and are all regularly found at the local dog parks or cafes. Her other interests include travelling, reading, swimming, bike riding and snowboarding.

Dr. Camellia Yap

Dr. Camellia Yap


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